Cyber Transformation Management

Transformation Management

Booz Allen’s Cyber Transformation Management solution provides your organization with the oversight and integration mechanisms required to navigate your cyber transformation and prepare for common pitfalls associated with the execution. Our structured approach will help you overcome the complexities and risks of transformation by coordinating and aligning efforts to ensure that all parties involved are working in concert to achieve your desired results. 

Risk of Not Managing Your Transformation

  • Significant damage to brand and reputation
  • Loss of revenue or market share
  • Damaged relationships, both internally and externally
  • Overspending or inefficient use of resources
  • Increased skepticism—making the next change harder 

When Does a Change to Your Cybersecurity Organization Become a Transformation?

  • An incident response demands new security operations
  • A proactive shift to an enhanced security posture, often a result of a new CISO
  • A broader enterprise transformation introduces security implications (e.g., digital transformation)
  • A merger or acquisition where two security organizations combine into one 

Our Transformation Management Solution

Transformation Readiness
Ensure you have a vision and goals for your transformation, as well as a clearly articulated case for action that will serve as your true north.

Transformation Portfolio
Define and scope your transformation portfolio to include prioritizing what’s in and what’s out.

Steering Committee
Establish and execute a steering committee that provides the governance and sponsorship required for transformation success.

Transformation Management Office (TMO)
Design, build, and execute a TMO to provide a coordinated and managed approach to effectively deliver your portfolio of security initiatives.

Our Approach Differentiates Us

Booz Allen leverages  more than 110 years of consulting heritage and deep cyber technical expertise to guide you along your transformation journey. Our transformation experts live by the following guiding principles—all lived, learned, and proven through experience.

Business-First. We take a business-driven approach. We utilize use cases to generate immediate value that's grounded in business context.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. We challenge assumptions of the status quo. To truly transform, you need to change your mindset. We challenge our clients to go fast, be curious, and be optimistic.

Employ an Agile, Iterative Approach. We embrace a "test and learn" philosophy that incorporates iteration, pilots, and proofs of concept. We rely on quick wins to convince skeptics and drive adoption.

It’s More About the People and the Experience. We take a human-centered design approach wherever possible. We create desirable experiences around people that embrace technology and change behaviors.

It Takes a Village. We build blended teams and teach our clients to do the same. Our teams often include domain experts who understand the business, technologists, and strategy and transformation experts.