Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture

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Booz Allen is ready to support this transformation with enterprise-wide solutions, superior technical approaches for accelerated mission outcomes, unique expertise and experience solving national cyber challenges, and a proven record as a trusted mission partner dedicated to outpacing the adversary. We support some of the most critical missions in the nation. Using a comprehensive view of the cyber landscape and intelligence-grade tradecraft, we unlock stronger defensive solutions and deploy full-spectrum cyber capabilities with confidence, precision, and speed. Today, we provide:

  • Full-spectrum cyber training and exercises
  • Access and effects launched from full-spectrum operator toolkits
  • Effective data sharing across classified and unclassified domains
  • Integrated technology for command and control that uses AI and machine learning (ML) to support faster and more effective decisions by operators
  • Leading practices for developing warfighting infrastructure and software-based capabilities

We enable organizations to achieve parity through modernization and competitive advantage through innovation. We focus on delivering cyber infrastructure and solutions that seamlessly integrate into critical missions and address the operational needs of warfighters today and tomorrow.

Our experts develop at-scale mission-critical technical solutions and integrate large-scale architectures. By creating modular open architecture solutions that bridge classified and unclassified environments and normalize data from various vendors and services, we enable effective data sharing. Moreover, Booz Allen is in the process of applying for Raise the Bar (RTB) certification for our enterprise-enabled cross-domain laboratory, where our talented experts can maximize cyber operations.

We leverage a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline that allows agencies to use and disseminate capabilities at speed, refactoring code, and delivering best practices. This type of capability will be critical for an integrated weapons platform.

Our leading experts are committed to architecting and building cyber solutions that enable commanders to see, understand, and mitigate risk; make timely decisions; and act at speed and scale. 

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