Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)

The NSA CSfC program office publishes Capability Packages that contain the requirements for using commercial technology to secure classified National Security Systems. It also provides an approved component list with products certified against National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profiles to meet minimum standards for use in a CSfC solution. Agencies can partner with an NSA-approved trusted integrator to modernize their classified networks utilizing NSA-published Capability Packages and pre-approved products to take advantage of the efficiencies offered in commercial technology.

As a long-standing CSfC Trusted Integrator, Booz Allen provides industry leading experts and proven CSfC processes to implement innovative solutions in accordance with Capability Packages. From requirements generation through operations and sustainment, Booz Allen provides full end-to-end solution development or tailored services support to best satisfy your CSfC requirements.

CSFC Trusted Integrator

Booz Allen's CSfC Value Proposition

In our capacity as a CSfC Trusted Integrator, Booz Allen delivers value in the form of expedited solutions speeds achieved by leveraging our proven CSfC experience across the government, the ability to scale using our global reach and deep bench of multifunctional cleared experts, and our multiyear investments in innovation.

Longest Tenured CSfC Trusted Integrator

Since 2014, we have delivered CSfC solutions across the federal government, including delivery against all Capability Packages and within a variety of enterprise and tactical use cases.

Through requirements generation to operations and sustainment, we provide end-to-end or modulated services to best satisfy your CSfC requirements.

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Vendor-Agnostic Approach

We take a vendor-agnostic approach and leverage open architectures to provide solutions that truly meet your requirements. This means:

  • Diversity in the solutions we offer to you
  • Expertise across a wide breadth of the CSfC Product List
  • Limited vendor-lock-in, providing flexibility to enhance your solution as industry innovates
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Proven CSfC Blueprints and Registration Methodology

CSfC Blueprints: Our experience combined with our proven designs and pre-validated integration of commercial products provides expedited design and delivery.

Registration Methodology: Our systematic approach to CSfC registration, including key internal and external reviews, working with the NSA CSfC Program Management Office (PMO), translates to an expedited registration process.

Investment-Backed Technology Focus Area

Our CSfC team maintains technical proficiency through use of our CSfC Trusted Integrator Lab, which is a tangible extension of Booz Allen’s comprehensive, coast-to-coast innovation lab network.

Our Commitment to Innovation: The CSfC Trusted Integrator Lab

Located at our Digital Hub in Laurel, Maryland, our Trusted Integrator Lab provides us with the ability to develop and prototype CSfC solutions that can be scaled and rightsized to address client solutions. Our capabilities include:

Classified Solution Validation
CSfC Reference Architecture Development
Advanced Analytics Development
Product Evaluation and CSfC Prototyping


We have expanded our lab to support multiple Capability Packages including Mobile Access Capability Package (MACP), Wireless Local-Area Network (WLAN), and DAR Capability Packages, and continue to incorporate other leading-edge capabilities such as:

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