Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program

Capability Benefits

Solution Design and Architecture

  • Rapidly gather requirements and select applicable CSfC capability packages and requirements annexes.
  • Prepare candidate architectures to demonstrate required security functions prior to solution development.

Solution Integration and Deployment

  • Configure and test selected components to ensure the integrated solution will meet mission and capability package requirements while conforming to security and privacy controls prescribed by the risk management framework.

Solution Assessment

  • Validate device configurations and infrastructure components to ensure compliance with capability package requirements.
  • Conduct security testing and evaluation to reduce residual risk to enterprise environments.

CSfC Integration Lab

  • Utilize the modular CSfC representative architecture for proof-of-concept for capability packages including mobile access, campus wireless LAN, multi-site connectivity, and data at rest.
  • Support integration of hybrid architectures drawing from elements of two or more capability packages.

NIAP Common Criteria Lab

  • Booz Allen's Common Criteria Lab provides third-party testing services for vendors interested in certifying a product with NIAP and the product's addition to NSA's CSfC components list.

Achieving CSfC Registration

Booz Allen is an industry leading CSfC Trusted Integrator, providing end-to-end engineering support. We leverage our cutting-edge CSfC Integration Lab for research and development, validation of system designs, and test to accelerate adoption of CSfC-compliant architectures.

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Experts in the Field