Modernize to Mobilize: AUSA Global Force 2024 Solutions

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Innovations for a Modern Battlefield

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DarkLabs Detect™

Learn more about the future of cybersecurity with our advanced detection system. DarkLabs Detect uses AI and machine learning (ML) to swiftly identify and counteract the most sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and security of military operations against all adversaries.

Data ReconnAIssance™

Our high-precision knowledge management solution is designed to manage the deluge of information critical to defense weapon systems. Leveraging cutting-edge text extraction, natural language processing, and machine learning, we provide fast, accurate data management for enhanced mission efficiency.


Our AI/ML software automatically generates and integrates target information onto a 3D-geospatial photogrammetric map. This innovation operates even without cloud computing or internet access, offering a significant edge in strategic planning and execution.

Infrastructure Digital Twin

Our digital twin solutions provide operational effectiveness and improve mission resiliency in infrastructure and facilities design, operations, and management. By creating sophisticated virtual models, we offer insights that drive superior business performance, reduce risk, and enhance decision making—propelling the Army toward operational excellence in unpredictable scenarios.

Empowering Transformation. Ensuring Victory.

Learn more about how the innovative solutions showcased at AUSA Global Force 2024 enhance the Army's combat readiness and operational superiority. Together, we can empower soldiers with the tools and information they need to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s battlespace.

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