Win in a Contested Battlespace: SOF Week 2024 Solutions

View our innovative solutions showcased at SOF Week 2024

Booz Allen Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

Learn more about our augmented reality (AR) application for hands-free procedural assistance and expert mentorship at the tactical edge, expressly designed for medical care, maintenance, and sensitive site exploitation (SSE) use cases.

Booz Allen Augmented Reality Translate

Discover our real-time language translation application in AR, operating completely disconnected from the cloud. This prototype leverages an AR head-mounted display, a mobile device, and edge computing to detect, recognize, and translate text—rendering results into the 3D environment to increase situational awareness.

Booz Allen Cavalier™

Discover our unified security platform offering customizable environments with full functionality of all tools in one place. The platform delivers significant time savings and elevates resource efficiency for analysts, managers, and incident responders managing weapons systems and other operational technology (OT)/information technology (IT) platform security. Stakeholders receive the advantage of centralized management of OT/IT assets, events, and cases.

Booz Allen and C3 AI Commander's Dashboard

Accelerate data-driven decision making across operational and administrative functions with a domain-aware and AI-powered dashboard.

Booz Allen DarkLabs Detect™

Learn more about our solution using battle-tested approaches employing AI and machine learning accelerators to hunt adversaries. Offerings include a subscription-based detection feed and ready-made capabilities for SOF teams to quickly counteract nation-state adversaries.

Booz Allen EdgeAware™

Discover the future of SOF battlefield awareness with EdgeAware™. This solution transforms unmanned system video data into a vivid 3D terrain map with target information, leveraging Galvion’s Integrated Helmet System with Rear Compute Module. Gain unparalleled insights with advanced tracking and make informed decisions without needing access to the cloud.

Booz Allen Engineering Solutions for Warfighter Performance

Discover innovation that focuses on the warfighter—the essential human element of the tactical unit. These solutions deliver intelligent, configurable technology to optimize warfighter performance across the system development lifecycle.

Booz Allen EnigMA

Explore our advanced open-source collection solution for critical SOF missions in denied digital environments, offering end-to-end collection with curated signatures and sophisticated tradecraft. 

Booz Allen Integrated AI Kit

Discover the future of operational AI with our AI kit to train/deploy AI models to edge devices and unlock new insights for tactical decision making using Galvion’s Integrated Helmet System with Rear Compute Module.

Booz Allen Mission Planning Digital Twin

Learn more about our secure, trusted digital twin solutions. Powered by analytics and machine learning, the solutions enhance SOF mission planning, rehearsals, targeting, and security.

Booz Allen Secure Networks from Edge to Enterprise

Explore our deployable classified network, providing always-on, secure access to mission-critical applications at the edge. The CSfC-compliant and 5G-enabled solution includes technologies that address SOF priorities like zero trust and operations in contested environments.

Advance SOF Capabilities

See how Booz Allen is working with SOF to revolutionize capabilities with secure and advanced solutions from tactical edge to enterprise. Explore innovations that are fortifying operations and accelerating SOF success in an increasingly complex global security landscape.

Discover technology to win in a contested battlespace. We innovate. You accelerate.

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