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Our Booz Allen-developed ADAPT+C is a holistic analytics framework empowering organizations to understand, grow, and reinforce their data strategies and analytics capability prior to committing resources for data science implementation, regardless of where an organization is in its analytics journey. 

AWS Disconnected Edge Solution

This capability emulates a high-performance “far edge” compute and support for partially or fully disconnected use cases. We demonstrate one potential application by pairing an Amazon Web Services (AWS) edge compute device equipped with the C2 Android Team Awareness Kit application with a standalone Citizens Broadband Radio Service 5G network and supported 5G devices.

Booz Allen’s Big Horn AI KitTM

A portable kit combining user-friendly software and ruggedized hardware for operators to build, update, and deliver artificial intelligence to sensors at the tactical edge in disconnected environments, accelerating intelligence gathering for pattern of life analysis, terrain assessments, and other reconnaissance and surveillance needs. 

Deployable CSfC Network

A Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)-compliant network solution leveraging commercial technology, ruggedized tactical servers, and District Defend-enabled endpoints across commercial/private Wi-Fi or 5G cellular networks, commercial SATCOM, or tactical radio transport networks for an always-on secure capability linking leaders and operators at the tactical edge. 

District Defend®

A software-based security platform that proactively protects and enforces secure, zero trust access to your organization’s networks and data from home station to the tactical edge. District Defend dynamically adapts to changing threat environments, defending organizations against insider threats and advanced endpoint attacks. 


A Booz Allen-developed AI/ML software that automatically generates and integrates target information, including people, vehicles and devices, integrated through Reveal AI onto a rendered 3D geospatial photogrammetric map—without the need for cloud compute or internet access. 

Engineering Solutions for Warfighter Performance

These capabilities focus on the critical human element of small units and deliver intelligent, configurable technology to transition the warfighter into a mission-adaptable element of the platform—extending the joint force sensor-to-shooter network to include the human warfighter and the tactical unit platform. 

Maritime Cyber Physical Testbed (CPT)

This capability demonstrates how cyber vulnerability discovery can help train and equip mission teams, enabling them to more rapidly develop and validate capabilities, providing instant feedback and immediate visualization of integrated kinetic and non-kinetic access and effects in a physical environment. 


Deploys defensive cyber capabilities and aggregate monitoring to any Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) platform, generating cybersecurity status reports across the TAK ecosystem. 

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