Booz Allen at the AWS DC Summit 2023

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AWS Disconnected Edge Solution

This capability emulates a high-performance “far edge” compute and support for partially or fully disconnected use cases. We demonstrate one potential application by pairing an AWS edge compute device equipped with the C2 Android Team Awareness Kit application with a standalone Citizens Broadband Radio Service 5G network and supported 5G devices.

Discovery-as-a-Service with AWS

Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a commercially sold service offering that leverages publicly available information and commercial data sources to deliver timely and tailored cyber intelligence in support of business and mission requirements. DaaS provides customized request-for-intelligence reports that illuminate cyber threats; identify adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures across domains; and provide actionable recommendations. DaaS reduces the time to intelligence and supplements existing missions through the attribution of adversary activities, imposition of costs on bad actors, and disruption of adversary infrastructure.

Security Lake

Data and analytics are at the core of the modern data-driven approach to cyber security. Analytics transforms previously unstructured security data into effective and contextualized information to reduce risk while improving security teams’ productivity. Booz Allen's proven approach—fusing data strategy, analytics, visualizations, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML)—enables clients to maximize the value of AWS Security Lake. 

Booz Allen’s analytics platform provides a powerful and comprehensive solution to enhance your cybersecurity posture. By centralizing security data and using AI/ML models, organizations can gain valuable insights into network threats, prioritize high-impact incidents and improve the ability to respond to emerging risks. Integration of these advanced capabilities within the customer's AWS environment ensures data privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements. Together, Booz Allen and AWS Security Lake provide organizations with the necessary tools and insights to effectively combat the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.


SmartLift™ is Booz Allen’s cloud migration capability, which integrates seamlessly with AWS’ migration and architecture framework. SmartLift™ provides government clients with rapid, streamlined analysis to develop client-specific insight into application migration, cloud utilization, and IT portfolio optimization, all built utilizing deep cloud architecture expertise and best practices from years of enterprise client work.


Booz Allen’s Embedded AI Stack is the core reusable software component to run AI/ML within the AWS Snow Family and on various devices and processor types. The Embedded AI Stack enables use of on-deployment model compression and optimization for a variety of target hardware types, and the ability to run AI without the need for large framework libraries. It also provides out-of-the-box model encryption, watermarking, and throttling for enhanced power efficiency. The Embedded AI Stack delivers sensor- and hardware-agnostic AI to enable artificial intelligence solutions that meet the source of data and humans wherever they are, for faster decision making with or without connectivity.

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