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Innovation Unleashed

Mission-Driven Accelerated Readiness

Mission-driven solutions empower the Army to “train how you fight,” providing real-time data analysis and predictive insights to prepare warfighters to conquer uncertainty and increase lethality and survivability on the battlefield.

Data Analytics for Enhanced Situational Awareness

Advanced data analytics and AI solutions deliver real-time insights, providing warfighters with a clear understanding of their surroundings and the evolving battlefield. Data-driven decision making maximizes mission success and survivability.

Edge Processing for Continuous Connectivity

Edge processing solutions ensure continuous connectivity, enabling vital information exchange. We convert and aggregate siloed data into a computer-readable format, empowering warfighters with data science, analytics, and machine learning (ML) capabilities tailored to specific missions.

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Accelerated Readiness

Accelerated readiness solutions allow warfighters to train and rehearse critical skills, tactics, techniques, and procedures for the battlespace in a realistic environment. Our modular technologies empower the military to “train how you fight” with rich, immersive experiences, mission-driven scenarios, and real-time feedback.​

AI-enabled Data Extraction & Analysis

Fast, accurate information management is critical when missions involve our defense weapon systems. Our automated, high-precision knowledge management solution uses the latest innovations in text extraction, natural language processing, and machine learning for efficient data ingestion, classification, and search and retrieval. 

Booz Allen Edge Cloud with AWS and ESRI

Extending mission-enhancing cloud capabilities to the distributed and disconnected edge accelerates decentralized decision making for soldiers. Fueled by exponential growth in sensor-generated data and catalyzed by the expansion of 5G and low-earth-orbit satellite communications, edge cloud solutions are here to transform the mission today.


This Booz Allen-developed AI/ML software automatically generates and integrates target information, including people, vehicles, and devices. The data is all integrated through Reveal AI onto a rendered 3D geospatial photogrammetric map—without the need for cloud compute or internet access.

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