Energy is critical to every part of society, worldwide. But finding, delivering and managing energy is complex, with rising competitive pressures, diverse challenges and new risks.

Whether you’re exploring a new region, navigating multi-layer regulations, identifying new revenue streams, or protecting your information from external threats - you need to solve today’s challenges and anticipate the future. At Booz Allen Hamilton, we solve the most intricate energy challenges by combining our industry knowledge from government and commercial projects with the right strategy, people and technologies. We help reduce risk, improve safety and increase profitability for your business.

Our experts derive insights from their experience in the industry – and our deep capabilities in analytics, technology, policy, and security – and apply them in teams where all perspectives, backgrounds, and disciplines come together. The result for clients is clear, actionable paths forward to maximize operational performance, make smarter investments, enhance processes and mitigate risk.

Booz Allen works with government and commercial clients on critical projects to help energy organizations thrive today, tomorrow and in the future. Whether it is gaining greater efficiency in the oil patch through innovation, improving compliance with existing or future regulations around critical infrastructure protection and carbon regulation, providing leading-edge cyber services for increasing ICS and SmartGrid security, or achieving more efficient installation, facility construction, operation, and disposal, Booz Allen delivers solutions that have a vision for the future.

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Our Sectors

Oil & Gas

We help across the oil and gas lifecycle to embed innovation and efficiency in operations; protect reputation through geopolitical intelligence and situational awareness; support cost-effective compliance – all while staying ahead of the industry.

Power Generation

Our experts are helping utilities and independent power producers go beyond short-term cyber compliance by focusing on enterprise transformation to develop or access capabilities needed for longer term resiliency: advanced threat detection, protection and prevention—all while minimizing cost and leveraging existing investments.

Utility System Transformation

The utility system that has delivered reliable affordable energy for decades is undergoing a transformation toward a much more networked, distributed system, with greater customer engagement and much more renewable energy. We are working side-by-side with utilities to secure the next-generation grid; enable new business models, and transition to the utility of the future with innovation and efficiency.

Energy Technology and Innovation

Across the entire energy landscape, the aspirations of our government and commercial clients require insight into where technology is headed, and what it will enable them to do – faster, better, cheaper. We hold premier roles in support of government research and development in next-generation energy technologies, and we work intimately with our commercial clients to convert the potential of technology into reality via innovation.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are tailored, integrated, and can be delivered end-to-end, helping energy companies thrive.


Our Cyber solutions empower energy companies to anticipate and respond to today’s cyber challenges. From strategy and design, to implementation and operations – we enable you to keep your energy company secure.


Data Science & Analytics

Our Analytics solutions help energy companies understand their data better in all forms: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured from across the energy lifecycle to reveal useful insights for strategic decision-making, customer engagement, revenue generation, and risk mitigation.

Nuclear Cyber Security Compliance

Our Nuclear Cyber Security Compliance experts provide nuclear operators with a full lifecycle program to proactively manage aligning to cyber security compliance requirements. Areas of focus include critical digital asset assessment and remediation; procedure analysis and remediation; and future/advanced compliance requirements.


Internet of Things

Energy companies are no strangers to the Internet of Things (IoT). Booz Allen can help you make even greater gains across the enterprise through engineering and integration of existing solutions and technology that’s connected, securely and strategically.



Booz Allen brings innovation expertise to clients across the energy lifecycle to turn challenges into possibilities. Our holistic, systems approach builds new value through developing innovation strategies, creating cultures of innovation, sourcing custom solutions through crowdsourcing, and implementing solutions in nuanced client environments, while maximizing ROI and decreasing time to market.



Booz Allen’s cloud strategy experts provide energy clients integrated end-to-end solutions to their most critical challenges. With our depth of expertise, and a focus on solutions, our coordinated approach leverages our energy expertise, cyber security know-how, advanced analytical techniques, and an understanding of cloud infrastructure to develop the right strategy to support our client’s approach to the cloud.


Financial Services

Booz Allen applies energy market analysis, forecasting, and financing strategies to help clients make sound decisions surrounding the impact of technology on energy production and consumption.


Process Improvement

We assist our clients in managing energy resources efficiently by applying energy-focused business process reengineering, supply chain optimization, and infrastructure project and portfolio management.

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