Customer Experience at the U.S. Department of Agriculture

The Solution

With its robust, data-driven customer experience capability, our approach has created a framework for spreading lasting CX improvements across the entire organization. In 1 year, our 11-person team, together with USDA partners, completed five CX projects at USDA:

  • We created a OneUSDA ecosystem map to uncover interrelationships between USDA agencies, programs, and customers.
  • We visited producers and loan officers in three states with the Farm Service Agency to develop and launch a Farm Loan Discovery Tool and Application Quick Guides, which ease the burdens of new farmers seeking vital USDA Direct Loans.
  • We leveraged IDEA Act compliance to drive USDA web modernization efforts at the Office of Communications and OCIO. We conducted user research and testing with web managers to create a Digital Strategy Playbook and facilitated workshops with all nine USDA mission areas to improve CX.
  • We showed the Forest Service how to improve public engagement in environmental decision making—increasing buy-in and reducing costly litigation.
  • We developed a chatbot prototype to show how artificial intelligence could help USDA answer customer questions and reduce staff burdens.

Whether improving the customer experience of a farmer seeking a loan or an inspector wanting clear information and answers, Booz Allen is successfully enabling USDA to more effectively deliver on its multifaceted responsibilities. From loans and chatbots to a seamless customer experience, USDA is now streamlining its way to mission success—and in the process, scaling up its resident CX capacity as the "lighthouse" agency for others to follow.

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