Booz Allen Europe: Live Our Mission Abroad

“I'm passionate about providing continuity and proactive strategy in an allied environment where nuance is critical for our clients.”

Brianne Smith

Work That Matters

“Being part of the Booz Allen Europe team is a privilege,” says Lead Communication Specialist Osama Abukatta. “It allows me to not only support a key U.S. government client but also to represent the U.S. to our European neighbors.”

Foreign affairs experts Jon and Jamie Poole agree. Jon delivers strategic analysis to EUCOM, and Jamie advises the command communications strategy. They’re fulfilled by such important work—while having the flexibility to raise their daughter. “Flexibility is critical, but we’re passionate about making it work while supporting our clients,” they note.

Jon & Jaime Poole

“Flexibility is critical with two careers and a daughter. This can be challenging, but we're passionate about making it work while creating innovative solutions for our clients.”

Time to Explore

Booz Allen supports client missions in 11 countries and over 20 locations across Europe and the UK, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Lithuania. For Defense Mission Lead Katie Carr, it’s the opportunity to explore that’s equally exciting. “The travel opportunities are endless,” she says. “You can hop on a train or plane and easily visit famous cities and sites you've always dreamed of—and living at the foothills of the Alps is truly a dream come true.”

For others, like Security Assistance Programs Analyst Matt Dieter, it’s about a new culture in a familiar setting. “I’ve always wanted to live in Germany,” he says. “And since you’re working with locals as well as people from the U.S., you have the excitement of living abroad with the influence of home.”

“We’re all citizens of the world,” adds Tony Sanders, a program lead. “The more we can make connections with people of different backgrounds and ways of life, the more understanding we can be of each other.”

“Booz Allen has created a culture that equally values the mission and the people—success means taking care of both, and I love that!”

Jermaine Speed

Tight-Knit Community

Franz Plescha, a principal supporting USAFE-AFAFRICA, says that one of the biggest concerns he hears when interviewing candidates for Europe-based roles is regarding support while living abroad. “Booz Allen has an international team dedicated to everything involved with moving and living overseas. The folks responsible for helping to take care of you are also located in Europe, and this provides a feeling of comfort, even while far from home,” he says.

Tony Sanders

“Working abroad with Booz Allen has allowed me to travel and experience unique cultures, broadening my professional and personal world view.”

At Booz Allen in Europe, you’re given a unique opportunity to develop your career abroad while supporting our mission. “The Booz Allen Europe team is a tight-knit community that makes Europe feel like home,” adds Katie. “It's a great feeling knowing that the work we’re doing helps the nation's military to defend the homeland and strengthen the readiness of others.”

Ready to safeguard the nation's allies while enjoying the perks of living abroad?

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