Incident Response

Report Incident

Core Incident Response Services

Respond and remediate the most sophisticated and complex attacks

We honed our proven tradecraft through years of protecting the nation’s most secure assets and responding to significant breaches against the most advanced attackers. Booz Allen’s experts can identify, contain, and mitigate attacks (onsite or remotely). We minimize disruptions to business operations, protect essential assets, and accelerate the containment and recovery process.

Core Response Capabilities

  • Traditional intrusions
  • Malware investigations
  • “Prove the Negative” analysis 
  • Litigation support/expert analysis 
  • Cloud environment
  • Massive ransomware and catastrophic events 
  • Digital evidence collection and management

Transform your organization’s cyber defenses

After an incident, we leverage our practitioner experience to deliver cybersecurity operations tailored for your organization. Leverage Booz Allen’s industry expertise, technical talent, and business operations pedigree to dramatically enhance cyber defenses:

  • Intelligence-led cyber defense operations and technical capabilities
  • Security automation and orchestration across detect and response lifecycle 
  • Architecture and engineering expertise across information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) domains 
  • Continuous testing through red teaming, advanced hunt, and wargaming

Prepare for the most advanced threats

Booz Allen remediates thousands of incidents. Learn from our experience so you can effectively prepare for an attack, improve security operations, and stay one step ahead of adversaries:

  • Breach readiness assessment
  • Compromise assessment
  • Incident Response Program Build and Enhancement
  • Technical wargame
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Incident Response Scenario Playbook Development
  • Incident Response Analyst Runbook Development
  • Incident Management Plan Development
  • Proven and detailed processes