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About the Vaccination Workforce Simulator

Our Workforce Simulator provided users with a way to estimate staffing needs to administer the COVID-19 vaccine within a given timeframe. Using publicly available data, the tool allowed users to estimate clinical and clerical workforce requirements at the state and county level by modifying input parameters to reflect local processes.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Workforce Simulator consisted of three main sections: 

  • Variables
    To determine local area needs, the tool allowed users to input information such as state, clinical and clerical times, number of doses, number of weeks to vaccinate, and more.

  • Map
    To help users visualize necessary clinical staff, clerical staff, and total workers per county, the Workforce Simulator provided a zoomable heatmap based on the results from the input variables.

  • Results
    Once all variables were submitted, the tool created a table outlining the total number of workers needed by county, divided up into both clinical and clerical workers.

COVID-19 Vaccination Workforce Simulator Team

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