Booz Allen Precog™

How It Works

Booz Allen Precog empowers field operators to seamlessly deploy and integrate high-value mission effects onto portable computing devices. Through its low-code drag-and-drop interface, operators can use the Booz Allen Precog Standard Library—inclusive of helper functions for handling common data formats, network protocols, application programming interfaces (API), and open-source integrations—to accelerate capability development or author their own data pipelines for custom formats, protocols, and integration.

Booz Allen Precog leverages several AI-powered features to aid workflow and pipeline composition, including an AI chatbot with access to system documentation. Booz Allen Precog is a lightweight package that can be deployed to any system (e.g., containerized, virtualized, or bare-metal; air-gapped or networked) with a Python interpreter, allowing the application to serve as a standalone solution or be embedded into a larger software ecosystem. 

Precog Individual Node: An individual function that performs a single task (e.g., reads data from a file, runs an analysis function, performs an API request).

Precog Pipeline: A composition of connected individual Precog nodes that performs a high-level operation or workflow (e.g., performing packet capture [PCAP] analysis and posting the results to a database).

Precog Standard Library: The out-of-the-box collection of nodes (e.g., helper functions to handle common data formats)

Product Features

The Precog Standard Library

Includes helper functions for handling common data formats, network protocols, APIs, and open-source integrations. 

Generative AI/ML

Powers a chatbot that helps users access documentation, build pipelines, develop modules, and reuse existing modules/components.

Best-In-Class GPU Optimization

Executes Precog pipelines as a single process within the same address space; nodes are connected via function calls and do not require slower serialization/deserialization processes. 

Enabling GPU-Accelerated, AI-Driven Operations

Learn how using Booz Allen Precog can seamlessly integrate novel, mission-tuned software applications with advanced compute to reduce requirements for burdensome software integration activities, allowing mission operators to focus energy on developing mission tradecraft. 

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