Fraud Fusion: Cybersecurity Solutions in Action

Fraud Fusion

The Outcome

Our client now boasts a centralized fusion center that shares data across critical business units to enable quicker detection of fraudulent activity, faster remediation, and ensuring the covenant of trust with their customers is maintained. This led to tangible and traceable improvements to the bank’s risk reduction and operational efficiencies, creating long-term cost savings and increasing their fraud resiliency.

The outcome of our Fraud Fusion engagement
The Situation
Learn about the situation of our client in a Fraud Fusion engagement
A Fortune Global 500 financial institution was struggling to integrate disparate teams including threat intel, cyber defense, fraud, and anti-money laundering. The siloed organization needed to mature fraud operations and cybersecurity to demonstrably reduce the current volume of fraudulent events that resulted in reduced assets under management and lack of customer confidence.
Learn about the situation of our client in a Fraud Fusion engagement
The Approach
Our approach to Fraud Fusion engagements
Booz Allen designed a tailored end-state that aligned the bank’s operational, financial, and security objectives. The detailed implementation roadmap used a data framework that met personally identifiable information (PII)-related requirements and defined key tasks and milestones. Operations were sequenced across people, processes, and technology to achieve an integrated fusion program.
Our approach to Fraud Fusion engagements

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