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Generative AI Solutions

Generative AI is actively redefining what stakeholders and mission operators expect from today’s technnical solutions.  Booz Allen has been working with large language models (LLM) since 2018 and actively building enterprise deployable applications at scale in Department of Defense (DOD) production environments. Come learn how Booz Allen is leading the way—as the largest provider of AI services to the federal government. 

We’ll highlight three use cases that demonstrate how generative AI technologies can help you extract value from your existing document libraries, enhance releasability of mission-critical information through assisted security classification, and accelerate the acquisition process by reducing the need to create documents manually.

Deployable Classified Network Solution, Powered by Booz Allen Edge Services

Today’s operational and threat landscape is continuously shifting, and the speed of this evolution demands integrated tools and technologies that can keep pace. Booz Allen’s Deployable Classified Network Kit demonstrates the seamless integration of four powerful mission-enabling capabilities: District Defend® secure endpoints, tactical 5G connectivity, NSA-approved Commercial Solutions for Classified infrastructure, and Booz Allen EdgeXtend™ tactical edge cloud.

This capability kit delivers a standardized package that can quickly deploy secure devices for local and global communications across a variety of scenarios—training and exercises, surge support, continuity of operations planning, and more. Let the power of leading commercial technologies and a trusted integrator with deep experience in mission-focused security help your organization connect from anywhere, anytime.

Human Performance SWaP Solution

Booz Allen’s human performance analytics and optimized soldier size, weight, and power (SWaP) capabilities combine advanced analysis with an interactive display to deliver a multiuser extended reality experience without a headset. Real-time mission analytics and biometrics help warfighters increase resilience and optimize operations.

During this demo, you’ll see how the solution presents real-time metric loads and SWaP details of soldier loadouts. The solution assimilates data from human performance wearables on an interactive display, seamlessly integrating with Unity and other game engines.

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