Impact Report 2016


Meet our people—engineers, systems delivery experts, and data scientists; working parents and military families. One military family shares their story of deployment and financial uncertainty until both joined Booz Allen, where they are thankful for the financial security our benefits provide to military personnel who must deploy. And learn how our innovation tools are creating connections throughout the firm—infusing our workplace with even more creativity to drive client solutions.


Understand our purpose—to solve our client’s greatest challenges. In defense, for example, our team of experts identified traumatic brain injury subtypes that could lead to improved recovery outcomes for wounded warriors. Our cybersecurity experts have ensured our country’s safety by securing a commercial nuclear facility and in the process raised the bar on industry standards. We’re partnering with clients to solve their challenges, and as a result—the cars you drive are safer, the utilities that power our country are more secure, and our borders are more protected.


Feel our passion—for giving back, for making a difference. Our volunteers have mentored young innovators through the not-for-profit FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) for more than a decade. The net effect of Booz Allen's long and passionate support: the firm was recently named a FIRST Strategic Partner. Passionate inquisitiveness led to a breakthrough solution to help track the Ebola virus in Africa. That same energy and love for advanced data analytics and virtual reality technology led to the creation of Project OceanLens™ that brings never-before-seen capabilities to mapping the underwater environment.

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