Defense Land Conservation

“Booz Allen helped the Department of Defense (DOD) forge deep connections between the military, environmentalists, and business groups to create innovative solutions that benefit all stakeholders.”

The Booz Allen team helped identify and educate new partners, build coalitions of support, connect external stakeholders with DOD counterparts, and provide subject matter experts on issues of mutual concern such as climate adaptation, endangered species, and renewable energy.

The team also produced a robust suite of multimedia tools to engage stakeholders, including an educational primer, range tours for non-DOD personnel, regular communications, and a webinar series on case studies and best practices.

Booz Allen’s deep expertise in forging strong, large-scale partnerships among disparate groups helped DOD overcome obstacles and achieve a sustainable program. To date, REPI has helped close over 800 individual land-use transactions, protecting nearly 360,000 acres of land around 80 military installations in 28 states. In each case, the program secured matching funds from external partners, making it an extremely effective and cost-efficient public-private partnership.