2019 Impact Report: Architect the Future

Welcome to the 2019 Impact Report

Operating at the center of our clients’ missions every day, we are igniting our passion for innovation, and dramatically increasing our strategic and technical work to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Combining consulting, technology, and mission expertise, we answer the call of our clients and our country by investing in innovation for a better today, and tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Today

It takes intelligence-grade tradecraft, artificial intelligence, and technical breakthroughs to help clients stay ahead of sophisticated adversaries and protect our interconnected world.

Woman working at a desk on a laptop with a keyboard and monitor in front of her.
Woman standing and presenting to a man and woman sitting at a conference table with laptops in front of them.

Building Community Resilience

Promoting community preparedness and expediting disaster recovery takes a blend of methods from predictive modeling and proactive change management to philanthropic help.

Our Future Infrastructure

Reimagining infrastructure and streamlining our government through organizational remodeling and regulatory reform, calls for the infusion of leading technologies like 3-D visualization and deep learning.

Man looking at a drone.
Woman at desk talking with another woman across from her.

Bioinformatics Will Revolutionize Healthcare

We’re helping health clients overcome challenges in IT modernization, organizational culture, and information security to unlock the power of bioinformatics and analytics to transform healthcare and accelerate life sciences research.

The Future Warrior

From immersive environments, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) scenarios to biometrics and extensive data science research, Booz Allen believes data-driven training and support leads to healthier service members and a stronger, more prepared military.

Woman sitting with VR goggles on top of her head talking with another woman who is sitting with a tablet in hand.
Woman sitting and smiling with a laptop in front of her.

Building a Workforce for the Future

A purpose-driven workforce demands an empowered, engaged talent pool and diverse perspectives to foster an inclusive environment where employees can collaborate to tackle the big challenges that affect all of us.