“What’s great about Booz Allen is there are so many different areas that you can get involved in to​ shape your career.”

Describe the hardest developmental challenge you've had to overcome at Booz Allen.

In my earliest assignments as a project manager, I worked in an environment where I knew the project and client so well that I could also do the work of a subject matter expert and lead analyst. I didn't realize it at the time, but as I tried to perform those roles, I wasn't making the most effective use of the project team. When I became the project manager for an IT project, I had no choice but to be dependent on the rest of the team, because I didn't have the technical background needed to fulfill delivery roles. That approach enabled the team to perform better, and I took what I learned from that experience into my subsequent projects in health operations, to better leverage my team's full resources and talents.​

What advice would you offer to those to grow their career at Booz Allen?

Be proactive and purposeful in developing your network. I heard that message when I first started, but looking back I don't think I did that great a job of it. I know a lot of people now, in part, because I've been with the firm for 16 years. You can get to know others across the firm and at all different levels in many ways, not just through networking events, but in getting involved in volunteer activities, attending functional community events and brown bags, and participating in proposal and marketing efforts. I'm always happy to make time to meet with people who want to introduce themselves, and I find that is a common attitude around the firm. Making these connections is the best way to learn about different opportunities and capabilities, develop relationships, and get advice and coaching that can help you grow your career.

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