How We Support Civil Service Agencies: Your FAQs

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1. What kinds of civil service positions are in high demand at Booz Allen?

Because our clients and their needs vary so much, our consultants must, too. Our team members come from various backgrounds and specialties, and we’re strengthened by the diverse perspectives they bring.

Many of our roles are tech-centric. For example, we have a high demand for digital roles like software engineers, DevOps engineers, cyber professionals, and more. However, if you don’t have a traditional technical background, don’t be deterred. We also look for project managers, operations specialists, and mission specialists, among many other specialties.

You might have a technical background but an interest in healthcare, or you might want to apply your project management expertise to help combat cyberattacks. Both are fits at Booz Allen. To view our open roles supporting civil government, explore our Careers page.

2. What kind of work can you do in civil services?

We do all kinds of interesting work. Some examples include:

  • Helping solve cold cases, combat human trafficking, and safeguard the nation against criminal threats
  • Advancing life science research to improve patient care
  • Building solutions in climate intelligence and advanced energy technology
  • Leveraging cloud migration to transform complex public health ecosystems
  • Modernizing legacy federal systems for enhanced efficiency and experience
  • Building applications for taxpayers to improve the customer experience

View Examples of Our Civil Service Work

3. Does Booz Allen offer remote working opportunities in civilian government roles?

Yes. Our civil service work includes a variety of work models to choose from, depending on the client you support. Whether you prefer working remotely, collaborating onsite, or a combination of both, you can find a role that suits your needs. To find these opportunities, visit our Careers page and filter based on your work model preference.

4. What types of growth opportunities are available at Booz Allen?

Our professional development resources include tuition reimbursement, thousands of in-house courses and certifications, mobility programs, and more.

Another compelling part of consulting at Booz Allen is that when a contract ends, you’re not “one and done.” Rather, your career manager will help you locate another project of interest within the firm, all while ensuring you can pursue growth opportunities. Here, we hire you for a career, not just a contract.

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