Our Trailblazing Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Physical Health

PowerUp offers a variety of physical health activities for those looking to focus on their physical health. There are so many options that you can create a personalized program that suits your needs.

Studies show that exercise can improve cognitive ability and vigor, so you’re likely to see an improvement in work performance when you prioritize physical health. The PowerUp program rewards you for completing annual physicals, age-appropriate screenings, or stepping away from your desk in favor of movement. For example, connect your step-tracking device to earn points for walking throughout the day. Or create a goal for more sleep and track your progress right in the portal. You can also earn points by meeting with a health coach—the opportunities to improve your physical health (and earn some extra cash!) are almost endless.

Mental Health

Corporate physical health programs aren’t hard to come by; what sets Booz Allen’s apart is its three-pronged approach, including mental and financial health.

Whether you’re finding intrinsic fulfillment from volunteering in your community or taking part in a mindfulness meditation challenge, you’ll also be rewarded through PowerUp for prioritizing your mental health.

“Emotional and mental health is the cornerstone of how we show up in our lives. Ensuring you’re taking care of yourself in those respects means you can bring your full self to daily interactions—at work or in your personal life,” says Maria Camat, a wellness advocate in Booz Allen’s Employee Care Center. “Our wellness programs help you combat your stressors and put your wellbeing at the forefront.”

Financial Health

The final aspect of the PowerUp program provides a variety of financial health activities you can participate in. These include checking in on your 401K investments, participating in retirement planning webinars, meetings with personal financial advisors, taking money personality assessments, creating budgets, and more.

This reward for prioritizing financial health is in addition to our total benefits package.

PowerUp is just one of the ways that we foster an environment that supports employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s a vivid illustration of Booz Allen’s values and people-first culture.

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