Cyber Talent Management

Why Booz Allen is Different

Practitioner to Practitioner: We go beyond developing a customized plan and work with you to implement policies, practices, and design decisions within your cyber function so that change works for your organization.

Unparalled Expertise: Booz Allen developed the new National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) as part of the NIST Special Publication 800-181, and we use our specialized knowledge of the NCWF to help you understand your cyber functional areas.

Cross-Sector Knowledge: Our team draws on extensive intellectual capital and experience in the private and public sectors to help clients cross-pollinate with the best approaches.

Innovative Training Platform: Our cybersecurity professionals and industrial-organizational psychologists have developed an innovative training platform to help cyber teams and individuals sharpen their skills through immersive, real-world cyber challenges.

Holistic Approach: We developed a tested and proven proprietary cyber talent framework to empower leaders with the information they need to visualize trade-offs, prioritize decisions, and adapt strategy to maximize their “return on decisions” for their cyber workforce. 

Our Perspective on the Cyber Challenge Talent Challenge

Maintaining and improving the skillset of your cybersecurity workforce – especially as threats evolve at a rapid pace – takes more than an employee brand campaign, current skills inventory, or a one-time training. It requires an integrated and evidence-based approach to Cyber Talent Management.

Successful cyber professionals share similar non-technical traits, including passion for technology and a problem-solving mindset. Understanding what motivates and makes a cybersecurity professional tick is important to attracting—and keeping—the right team.

Cybersecurity professionals want to grow. Keeping a team engaged means letting them learn and grow through experiential work assignments and mentoring opportunities even when you feel under resourced. 

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