Building Belonging for Military Families of Color

Building Bridges and Turning Data into Action

To dig deeper into the data and jump-start robust discussion around this important work, we hosted a roundtable session together with Blue Star Families in May at The Helix, Booz Allen’s Center for Innovation in Washington, DC. Listening and problem solving in a modern, yet intimate setting created a trusting environment for participants to listen openly, think creatively, and build solutions together.

More than 80 military, government, community, and industry stakeholders took part in this convening. They shared findings from CFI research, highlighted best practices, and identified creative community solutions that help address the complex challenges to building a diverse all-volunteer force and building belonging for military families. 

“At the heart of our business is a passion to bridge the gap and remove social and systemic barriers, providing opportunities and ideas that lead all of us to a more equitable representation across industry, the defense tech sector, and the communities we serve.”

Inclusion and Military Readiness Go Hand in Hand

In establishing the Campaign for Inclusion, Blue Star Families openly recognizes the defense community’s recruiting and retention crisis, along with society’s long history of discrimination. Significant findings from CFI research make it clear that representation matters. One in four active-duty respondents are part of a multiracial/multiethnic family. And by 2027, most recruitable U.S. adults will be people of color. To build bridges to belonging for military families of color, the defense community needs military and community leaders who are as diverse as the population they serve. 

“More equitable representation is a necessity in the defense community and lack of diversity in the military hurts us all. At Booz Allen, nearly a third of us are veterans, so we understand the challenges military families face. We can work together with integrity, collective ingenuity, passion, and unflinching courage to make positive change for these families and the communities in which they live.”

Our Enduring Commitment to Military Families

Proudly collaborating on CFI is just one way that we’re innovating with Blue Star Families—and advancing critical issues that affect military readiness. For more than a decade, we’ve been partnering with the nonprofit to help strengthen and empower military families. Right now, we’re also supporting the CFI DEPLOY Fellowship Program, which helps build a pipeline of diverse and talented leaders within military- and veteran-serving organizations nationwide. 

“It's wonderful to partner with an organization like Booz Allen because they genuinely understand that what's needed to make long-lasting change and create more equitable systems is sustained commitment and support.”

In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we donated $1 million and committed subject matter expertise and technical know-how to the COVID-19 Military Support Initiative. Blue Star Families and the Association of Defense Communities spearheaded this national coalition to rapidly respond to pandemic-related challenges that military families and veterans were experiencing.

Through our innovative partnership with Blue Star Families, we’re continuing to make a positive impact for the nation’s military families—when and where it matters most. We empower the military community from the inside out.

We're focusing on the military community.