Booz Allen Hamilton

The Connected Vehicle Movement

Vehicles have become part of the “personal ecosystem”—increasingly integrated with other devices that enable connectivity, entertainment, and convenience. The automotive landscape has shifted, transforming beyond its traditional focus on performance, style, and safety. Automakers are now operating in a new environment, seeing changes in consumer demands, competitive landscape, and their core business models.

The challenge is clear: Automakers now compete in spaces that are undefined and against non-traditional competitors, with innovations—including smart infrastructure, connected vehicles, and embedded technologies—accelerating the shift toward a new service model. The product automakers are designing and selling is fundamentally changing. Despite the uncertainty, there are real opportunities for those who are willing to be both aggressive and innovative in this shifting environment.

To stay ahead, you must:

  • Own the coming transformation
  • Recognize the opportunity in data
  • Adapt a “Try. Fail. Learn.” mindset
  • Secure your product and your enterprise

The competitive landscape may be shifting, but the core selling point of vehicles remains the same: The customer experience.