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Booz Allen Hamilton – Offering Depth and Insight to the Advanced Energy Industry

From the corner office to the oval office, avoiding the alarming effects of climate change while maintaining secure, reliable, and—most crucially—affordable sources of energy is the signature challenge for a generation of leaders. With further use of conventional energy technologies and delivery systems constrained by unacceptable trade-offs between these core objectives, new paradigms are needed. And while this next generation in energy innovation will require a combination of breakthrough technologies, smart policy, creative programming, and bold investment, the actual path to achieving them has yet to be fully illuminated.

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Integrated Perspective

As a global leader in providing consulting services to both industry and government over many decades, Booz Allen Hamilton is uniquely positioned to assist the advanced energy industry in researching, developing, and implementing critical energy programs. With a clientele that has included senior executives at major global energy firms, research and development organizations, and the world’s largest energy consumers, we can provide the analytics and insights that both define successful strategies and assure their effective implementation.

Expert, Passionate, Collaborative

Booz Allen’s primary mission is to help clients succeed, and we do this by being at the forefront of recruiting, retaining, and rewarding the best talent in the market. Our staff brings strong industry knowledge, a passion for delivering solutions that work, and a collaborative working style that ensures smooth integration with client teams and full leveraging of firmwide expertise.

The Markets We Serve

Booz Allen serves clients working through in virtually every major technology area and mission need. Our main service activities fall into four general areas, often used in an integrated fashion:

  • Program Strategy and Development—Booz Allen supports the creation, strategic vision, and management of programs designed to develop multiple technology areas, including plug-in hybrid vehicles, biofuels, renewable electricity, carbon capture & storage, and energy efficient technologies, among others.
  • Energy Modeling—Booz Allen provides data-driven analysis using a variety of quantitative analyses. These range from models of the energy economy such as NEMS and ASPEN to supply chain, statistical, and financial feasibility analyses.
  • Energy Management—Booz Allen works with organizations to develop and execute strategies that enable major energy users to incorporate energy efficency and renewable energy into their operations on a cost-effective and mission-compatible basis.
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Security—Booz Allen also supports the efforts of the Departments of Defense and Energy to work with partners worldwide to assure the safe and peaceful use and management of nuclear materials.

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Energy Resources


Unlocking Utility Revenue Streams Through the Grid of Things

Utilities are uniquely positioned to capitalize on IoT through their electricity and gas grids that have unparalleled reach into the lives of consumers, businesses, and cities. The opportunity is so well recognized in the utility sector that it is increasingly referred to by a unique moniker: the Grid of Things (GoT). A framework can enable utility leaders to assess competitive advantages, thereby helping to cut through the noise of endless pilots and flashy technologies to realize the genuine revenue opportunity of GoT.

Nuclear Cyber Security Compliance

An overview of Booz Allen Hamilton's full lifecycle nuclear cyber security compliance programs for nuclear operators.

O&G: Prepare to Thrive Despite A Cyber Attack

Oil & Gas companies have an extensive cyber attack surface. These large companies need a cyber incident response plan to beat the clock when an attack occurs.

Keeping Oil & Gas Projects On Target

Capital projects across the Oil & Gas industry are facing intense scrutiny given the recent pressures on commodity prices and resultant reductions in annual spend. A proven method that can accelerate control is also one of the most cost-effective ways to account for risk and uncertainty of all types: integrate the project control disciplines—cost, schedule, and risk—and set standards in your project management processes that engender adoption across your portfolio.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Introduced in February 2014 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (“Framework”) offers organizations a standardized approach for managing cybersecurity activities and reducing cyber risk. In order to achieve these ends, the Framework is divided into three sections: the Framework Core, the Framework Profile, and the Framework Implementation Tiers.
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