Booz Allen Hamilton


Booz Allen alumni are making a difference – leading and directing some of the world’s largest corporations, government and other public agencies, emerging growth companies and institutions.


Jennifer Lovitt Riggs.

Jennifer Lovitt Riggs

Jennifer was a member of what was then the National Security Team from 1996-2002. During her six years at the firm, she worked with several federal agencies, mainly on policy and strategic planning issues.

Dr. James Campbell

Based in Melbourne from 1999-2001, James was a member of the home team. Before Booz Allen, he earned an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Jim Dolphin

"At Booz Allen, I learned the value of teamwork and to appreciate how different points of view and skills can be brought together to produce a much better result than any individual could achieve."


Joyce Doria

Joyce became a Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton in 1988 and Senior Vice President in 2000. She served on the firm’s Board of Directors, where she chaired the Audit Committee.

Bill Stasior

Bill Stasior, the former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., managed the firm from 1990-1999, a period of significant growth in both its commercial and government businesses.

John Davison

A Research Associate from 1989 to 1991, John was based in London, spent three months in Sydney, and worked on projects in Milan and Paris.