Financial Intelligence (FININT)

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Deep Mission Understanding

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We bring deep mission understanding in FININT, financial crime, illicit finance, threat finance, and beyond. We touch financial data across the federal government, from its origin to its ultimate use. We’re experts on Bank Secrecy Act data, commercial financial datasets, the full range of blockchain and cryptocurrency analytical toolsets, and the alternative investment schemes used by foreign governments and non-state actors. In addition, more broadly, we help IC, DOD, civil, and commercial clients tackle their most complex and pressing challenges for a wide range of missions.

Booz Allen is leading the way in applying data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, database management, and natural language processing to transform FININT missions. We create actionable insights by combining leading practices in data science with our deep mission understanding. We identify FININT mission data needs, collect data, and carry out data analysis. In addition, we are developing innovative tools that integrate data, analysis, and analytics to enable FININT clients to glean deeper insights when fusing multiple datasets.

Data-Enabled Insights

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Unique Talent

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Our people bring the right blend of skills, expertise, and experience in data science, financial issues, and critical missions across the IC, DOD, regulatory agencies, and the financial services sector. They are skilled navigators of the vast international highway of illicit money that malicious actors use to comingle and move funds all around the world. In addition, Booz Allen operates at scale: Our FININT teams can move flexibly across all the different kinds of FININT work and bring in more expertise on demand.

Booz Allen’s people, processes, and technology are ready to overcome your FININT mission challenges. Interested in reading more insights like this from Booz Allen? Sign up below for additional National Security Insights.

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