Booz Allen LOGWERX: Digitized Supply Web for Defense

The Challenge

Delivering combat-critical integrated deterrence is impacted by the ability to accurately predict both pre-conflict and in-conflict supply chain requirements, from strategic to operational. LOGWERX is a suite of capabilities that optimizes route and supply locations, performing mission risk and vulnerability assessments of the supply web to adjudicate real-time prioritization of supply demands.

Watch to learn more how LOGWERX provides predictive logistics and sustainment for defense.

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A factory goes offline. A port is closed. A weapons part fails in combat. How will you predict requirements, risks, and routes for resupply? Now you can plan in advance. LOGWERX uses applied AI to transform your supply chain into a self-healing supply web to accelerate planning today and predict demands for tomorrow. View routes from supply sources to platforms to warfighting units in theater. Visualize supplies across theaters. Assess and compare locations, or evaluate courses of action. Run scenarios to see the impact of vulnerabilities, changing priorities, and supply burn rates. AI conducts thousands of simulations to assess courses of action. Adjust risks, quantities, and durations to compare scenarios across the continuum from competition to conflict. LOGWERX—real-time decision advantage across missions. 

Self-Healing Supply Web

LOGWERX transforms the static supply chain to a self-healing supply web by digitally mapping the DOD supply chain and leveraging AI-enabled modeling and simulation. This provides global logistics awareness with the ability to:

  • Map the global nodal network of the DOD supply chain across services and classes of supply
  • Assess sustainment of supply and optimize route and resupply planning around contested or constrained areas in theater
  • Perform wargaming and simulation to “fail segments” of the supply chain—and then assess and mitigate impacts
  • Plan missions and generate courses of action (COA) that meet supply requirements and priorities
  • Perform predictive analytics to forecast future supply and demand requirements, using the data to evaluate the impact of potential supply chain disruptions


Nodal Logistics Network

Structures raw logistics data from the data mesh into a digitized DOD supply chain, generating supply chain data visualization and predictive analytics

Data Mesh

Provides real-time data capabilities—leveraging extract, transform, and load (ETL) algorithms, graph, and relational databases to optimize nodal and transactional data deployed across DOD systems


Maps out all the logistics supply chains for the mission and integrates each mission area (all based on mission priorities, OPLANS, etc.) through a user-friendly visualization of the battlespace

Predictive Analytics and Applied AI

Enables users to forecast future supply and demand requirements, routes, disruption, and constraints to inform scenario planning and issue alerts for supply chain disruptions in advance

Modeling and SImulation

Provides user interaction to test supply chain hypotheses, formulate mitigation strategies, and adjudicate competing demands; integrates analytic layer to stimulate, wargame, and optimize supply chains


Puts the DOD global supply web at your fingertips.
  • Creates a unified environment from strategic to operational and tactical across the timeline of pre-conflict to in-conflict.
  • Allows planners, logisticians, and operators to seamlessly simulate real-time decision making with comprehensive modeling tools on ontology-driven data.
Improves pre-conflict decision making, informed by historical and current data.
  •  Rapidly iterates through complex “what-if” mission and supply scenarios to optimize operational plans while increasing agility for complex command and control needs.
  • Sets conditions across multiple predictive methods to increase resiliency of the pre-conflict supply web—to maximize readiness and perform in-conflict mission risk management and real-time decision making to ensure mission success.
Increases supply web resiliency and accelerated decision making in conflict.
  • Delivers a holistic picture with a comprehensive underlying algorithmic linkage of the supply web.
  • Enables commanders to sense and anticipate mission impacts and make real-time mission decisions based on knowledge from pre-simulated scenarios and current data.
  • Users can adjudicate competing supply demands across multiple mission sets, generate alternative COAs with rich context, and select the right course of action with confidence.

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