Booz Allen EdgeXtend

EdgeXtend Benefits

Deploy Hyperscale Cloud Anywhere

The EdgeXtend solution delivers the types of hyperscale cloud solutions that most enterprises and application development teams use today, making them available anywhere and everywhere data is created, analyzed, and consumed. 


Combining modular and scalable network, compute, and radio systems on Klas Voyager hardware, EdgeXtend provides edge cloud infrastructure for any operational environment.


Scale, move, disconnect, and reconfigure at a moment’s notice to adapt to changing mission needs, with flexible power sources and battery backups that stay operational in transit.


A rugged design supporting modern cloud-native architectures ensures continuous availability and rapid releases from the underlying hardware to cloud services. 


Increasing Agility While Reducing Technical Risk

The EdgeXtend solution is powered by Klas Voyager modular and rugged hardware (representative image depicted below). With MIL-STD-0810H and MIL-STD-461F compatibility, edge solutions are ready for operations in austere environments. 

EdgeXtend Image

On top of this rugged, highly modular, and vehicle-mountable foundation, EdgeXtend provides the following features to be authorization to operate (ATO)-ready, and bring compatibility with existing DOD networks and systems on day one: 

Cloud-Native Kubernetes Platform

cloud native icon

Modern application architectures leverage microservices are scalable and resilient to traffic surges, but they require a cloud-native Kubernetes platform with which to run on. EdgeXtend provides Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)-hardened Kubernetes optimized for small form factors at the edge to efficiently host modern application architectures. It is also compatible with the same infrastructure-as-code automation and DevOps tools your team is used to in the cloud. 

STIG-hardened, with compliance scanning, log aggregation, authentication, and log analysis in disconnected environments to mitigate cyber risks. Zero trust principles are applied to users and non-person entities, data, and network activity to defend against cyber threats and accelerate the timeline to achieve an ATO. 

Resilient Security

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Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

wide array icon

Seamlessly combine multiple wireless WAN links, including 5G, satellite, and radios to maximize the ability to access data hosted at the enterprise and other edge nodes when one or more communications paths are denied or degraded. 

Applications need to continue operating on local edge nodes for an indefinite period of time when communications are unavailable. EdgeXtend includes essential DevOps capabilities embedded locally in the platform to ensure applications can still deploy and operate while disconnected from the Internet and enterprise-based services.

Fully Disconnected DevOps

disconnected devops icon

All-in-One Platform

all-in-one integration

Hardware, cloud, operating systems, virtualization, and DevOps tools support is provided by Booz Allen, who serves as a single point of contact for end-to-end support from strategy, requirements, testing, security, and ongoing maintenance. We have pre-configured and selected edge components that accelerate mission value and eliminate operational complexity. 


Remove Mission Barriers with Booz Allen EdgeXtend

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