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AppCritique Mobile Application Security Testing

Lightning fast reports. AppCritique delivers your vulnerability assessment within 1-2 business days on average. 

What AppCritique Finds 

Powerful scanning technology combined with personalized support
ensures that your app is safe from a wide range of security risks.

Inter-application connection vulnerabilities

Code vulnerabilities

Insecure storage of data or credentials

Vulnerable user data

 Locally stored data leaks

Insecure communication connections

Improperly executed encryption

Precautions protecting intellectual property

Our reports map to NIAP, HIPAA, and GDPR standards. Want to learn more?  

AppCritique AVA

Powered by Booz Allen's Cyber & Mobile Development Experts

Get personalized support from Booz Allen cybersecurity experts, check for potential security issues with your app, and identify solutions for the vulnerabilities found. Backed by years of experience working with U.S. intelligence agencies, our cyber experts will manually review your app and help identify solutions for the vulnerabilities found. 

Additional Features with AppCritique AVA


along with risk assessments and Q&A with our experts

Sensitive Data Storage

information hard coded, accessibility of credentials or PII, unencrypted backups

Data Leakage

over the network, file system, or IPC mechanisms

Certificate Verification

for TLS/SSL connections

Assess Security

of various components such as credential storage

Additional Checks

App-specific zero-day exploits, man-in-the-middle attack scenarios, and more

    What Makes AppCritique AVA So Powerful?

Extensive Coverage

using our proprietary app analysis engine

Android and iOS

developer and cybersecurity community expertise

Regular Updates

to vulnerability scan definitions and libraries

Discounts for Multiple Scans and Re-Scans

Rescanning can validate fixes and ensure that no new vulnerabilities have been introduced since your first evaluation. Bundle ahead of time and save on multiple scans and retests. 


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