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The Booz Allen cyber-physical defense (CPD) team specializes in the security and defense of these systems in critical infrastructure organizations and weapon/space platforms. Our team provides the skills and technical expertise that critical infrastructure and defense clients need to safeguard vital operations and missions and strengthen national and economic security. While there is no way to prevent every cyberattack, organizations can raise the cost for cyber adversaries and reduce the likelihood that attacks will be successful.



Experienced Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity practitioners 


Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) and GIAC Response and Industrial Defense (GRID) certification holders 


OT cybersecurity assessments conducted

15 of 16

Critical infrastructure sectors supported

Top 3

Global auto manufacturers OT cybersecurity programs supported

Our Cyber-Physical Defense Services

Enterprise-Wide Anomaly Detection and Analytics

Booz Allen’s tailored solutions enable enterprise-wide cyber threat detection analytics that are vendor and technology agnostic. In addition, we partner with industry-leading, reputable solutions providers to implement innovative security solutions for our clients. Booz Allen has implemented anomaly and threat detection solutions across the most challenging and unique operational technology networks, including large enterprise IT, OT/ICS enclaves, and fleet/weapon system maintenance networks. Our approach to threat detection is extensible enough to incorporate current-state environments.

Managed OT/Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Operations Centers (SOC)

Our OT/ICS SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) offering consists of a team of trained cybersecurity practitioners focused on identifying and responding to active and emerging threats. Additionally, the SOC is a critical part of the overall cybersecurity strategy because it helps lower the adversarial dwell time and, if implemented correctly, reduces the potential for attacks to cause harm. Booz Allen is an industry leader for managed SOC services, recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan as market leader for the Global Managed Detection and Response market. For DOD clients, we tailor our SOC requirements to the More Situational Awareness for Industrial Control Systems (MOSAICS) framework where applicable.

Cyber Digital Twin Framework (CDTF)

Our technology platform uses advanced and secure software tools to provide a high-fidelity, all-in-one testbed for cyber-physical systems. The platform provides functionality to emulate hardware in a virtual environment, integrate the hardware for hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) testing, rapidly network physical and simulated assets, record data flow at the software level for security analysis, and consume test plans and requirements.

Mission-Based Cyber Risk Assessment (MBCRA)

We help clients understand the critical mission components of weapon and space systems through the lens of cybersecurity. This enables programs to implement a cyber mitigation strategy that addresses system dependencies and hardens weapon or space system components. Through MBCRA and a system-of-systems approach, programs can ensure an effective defense-in-depth strategy and protect critical infrastructure and weapon and space systems by remediating high-risk vulnerabilities and implementing detection mechanisms and compensating controls to enable mission success. 

Cyber Test Labs and Ranges

We enable testing of software and hardware components to ensure that patching security vulnerabilities doesn’t break functionality or expand the attack surface. Additionally, this allows for production-level vulnerability assessments and red team exercises that don’t compromise production assets.

World-Class OT Cybersecurity Lab in Chantilly, Virginia

Production OT/ICS environments contain a variety of specialized equipment and software and often face strict engineering and change control processes. By mirroring these technologies in our labs, we're able to replicate real-world environments to:

  • Conduct tech scouting to test and validate new tools or products
  • Validate vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrate attacks
  • Test out security solutions—before we implement them

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Cyber Digital Twin

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