Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)

Data Services

Booz Allen has unique experience working with CISA to integrate CDM data across more than 70% of the federal enterprise. As a result, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in moving this sensitive, heterogeneous data through and out of agency environments. We help agencies derive real and immediate value from their cyber toolsets while also meeting reporting requirements: Supplying such value is essential to incentivize broader adoption of CDM across the government.

Deployment Services

Our experience in deployment services cuts across the largest, most complex environments in CDM and beyond. We are the premier provider for enterprise cyber system development based on a skillset, workforce, and method developed over time. We train skilled agency operators to reach new levels of ability. We also provide new security teams with staff augmentation to help them build momentum. What’s more, we guide teams as they sort through complex questions about cybersecurity tools and emerging threats. 

Critical Capabilities

We bring deep expertise in key areas of cybersecurity:

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

Protect mission and business priorities with zero trust

Threat Hunting

Uncover hidden threats in your digital environment

Data Services Management

Asset Management

Locate and categorize unauthorized devices and inventory-installed software; verify and validate security settings; detect security vulnerabilities

Identity and access management (IdAM)

Secure access to needed information, enforce multifactor authentication, update credentials, and monitor network and system behavior

Security Management

Gain visibility into what is happening on the network

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