Artificial Intelligence to the Edge of Space

How to leverage AI in the final frontier

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming life on Earth. It offers applications in medicine, language translation, intelligence analysis, and more. But the next step in what's called the "AI revolution" extends to the final frontier—the edge of space.

Watch our webinar recording to examine space-based applications of AI and diverse mission use cases. Our panel of esteemed guest speakers from industry-leading companies discussed topics ranging from advances in computer vision and machine learning algorithms, to advanced optimization algorithms that can help prioritize resources to operate through conflicts crossing geospatial, cyber, and space domains. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How advances in computer vision and machine learning algorithms provide automated object detection in the intelligence domain
  • How new algorithms can help improve the battlefield commander’s ability to forecast future activities and adversary actions
  • How proactive and prescriptive models can weigh information from multiple sensors and automatically respond to threats faster than real time


  • Kevin Coggins
    Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton


  • Melanie Stricklan
    Chief Executive Officer, Slingshot Aerospace
  • Quentin Donnellan
    General Manager, Space and Defense, Hypergiant
  • Shayn Hawthorne
    Space Technology Lead, Amazon Web Services
  • Pat Biltgen
    Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton
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