Data Superiority and Decision Advantage at AUSA 2021

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Digital Integration—Enterprise to Edge

As the premier digital integrator for the Department of Defense (DOD), Booz Allen creates seamless data connections with enterprise-to-edge solutions featuring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), next-generation data, networking, cyber, and advanced software development.

Enterprise Solutions: Stovepiped, siloed data systems limit system-to-system interoperability and make it difficult to process and share data at the right time and place, often delaying vital decisions. Our solutions make trusted data accessible and discoverable by those who need it, regardless of service or operational environment.

  • Project Rainmaker—a U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM), C5ISR Center S&T effort to develop a converged data platform that enables seamless data discovery, data synchronization, and data security across multiple disparate data platforms. Project Rainmaker enables the mediation of data between existing program-of-record capabilities, synchronization capabilities across echelons, and AI/ML analytics’ ability to access the data needed to support commanders’ decision making while shortening processing time on actionable information.

Edge Solutions: Our technologies include smart, AI-driven analytics at the edge, wearable sensors, and innovations in human-machine teaming. Together they offer a powerful result: faster upgrades to maintain ongoing, decisive overmatch in the future battlespace. Explore open, government-owned data solutions that deliver a new approach to decision advantage for the U.S. Army on the digital battlefield. As the premier digital integrator for the Department of Defense, Booz Allen creates seamless data connections with enterprise-to-edge solutions featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning, next-generation data, networking, cyber, and advanced software development.

  • Human-Machine Teaming—capabilities DOD is accelerating to prepare warfighters to dominate in a digital world. The goal is to equip robotics, computers, and other devices to strengthen information superiority, reduce cognitive load, take on physical loads, and handle dangerous tasks. Once created, an open-architecture solution can be applied across diverse platforms and enable multiple functions.
  • SpectrEMPulse Technology—a tactical edge data service framework that discovers, routes, and shares data over heterogeneous multi-transport tactical networks. This technology integrates edge processing, machine learning-based digital signal processing, and network resilient data service framework in a rapidly extensible open system architecture—delivering an electronic warfare common operating picture at maneuver commands. 

Operational: Immersive technology can safely and cost-effectively help warfighters learn new skills, training physically and emotionally for the varied scenarios they’re about to encounter.

  • XRAE—a flexible platform architecture that provides fast integration with immersive systems, delivering the metrics required for clients to monitor, visualize, and reinforce customizable training requirements in single and multiuser scenarios. 
  • Fireteam—a single-player, immersive trainer that is part of our larger, multiplayer mounted and dismounted first-person shooter application. Developed using technology integration to enhance the user’s immersive experience, this first-person, multi-player shooter game has digital natives in mind with its realistic weapons, detailed artwork, and AI-driven analytics that enable data-supported decision making.

AUSA 2021

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