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Cyber Solutions

Cyber threats can compromise critical information, disrupt operations, undermine national security, and put lives in jeopardy. As one of the world’s largest cybersecurity solution providers, Booz Allen has routinely defended against advanced persistent threats. We have integrated defensive cyber capabilities in all new and legacy weapon systems and information systems to ensure survivability and resiliency.

Data & AI

We have enabled and modernized software development to open, agile, and scalable architectures that are secure, avoid vendor lock, and create centralized artifacts and containers for software tools and capabilities.

Digital Engineering & Management

We have delivered adaptable, flexible, scalable, resilient, and future-proof digital engineering and modeling, simulation, and analysis tools that provide an agile framework across the system lifecycle. These tools, and our technologists, have delivered and integrated advanced surface, air, and space solutions to meet the mission, innovating for ever-evolving urgencies such as AI and cyber.

Space Data Solutions

We have brought together advanced technologies and approaches in new, groundbreaking ways—to speed outcomes and improve our clients’ decision-making with ever-increasing precision. We have integrated data across channels, partners, and classification levels; processed that information for more accurate algorithms to fuel better predictions; and optimized the models for projections and forecasts.

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