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Environmental Management System

We’ve had an environmental management system program for more than a decade. ISO 14001:2015 certified for our global headquarters, it’s how we hold ourselves accountable—a “plan-do-check-act” management construct that allows us to effectively and systematically identify and manage the parts of our operations that have the greatest impact on the environment.

For Booz Allen, that’s our greenhouse gas emissions and an ongoing desire to reduce that impact across our operations. Our focus areas include our facilities’ energy use, commuting, business travel, waste management, IT operations, and purchasing.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The past decade was a period of growth. Over the past 10 years, we have been calculating our carbon footprint with increasing maturity and granularity, ensuring a full understanding and recognition of our impact. In 2015, we set targets to reduce our scope two emissions per square foot and scope two emissions per employee by 15% using a 2014 baseline by 2026 and achieved both goals well ahead of schedule.

Spreadsheet of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory (MTCO2E)
Line graph of the MTCO2E per employee

For more information on how we calculated our emissions, view our methodology report.


While we do not have a significant impact related to water use, we're conscious of the impact related to our employee water use in facilities and take consistent steps to encourage conservation. Because we don't own our facilities, usage and reduction data is not available to us at this time, but we're committed to taking reasonable steps to minimize our impact in this aspect of environmental sustainability.

Waste Management & Diversion

We take action to divert as much waste as we can from ending up in the landfill.

Furniture Recycling

190 Tons of Furniture Waste diverted from landfills by recycling and reusing office furniture in FY20.

Drink Waste

187 Tons of Coffee/Tea Packets have been diverted from landfills since FY11

Washington, DC metropolitan area waste-to-energy program generated 93K KWH of energy equivalent to 154 metric tons of CO2e reductions.


54 Tons of eWaste were responsibly resold or recycled in FY20.

Client Solutions

Some of the biggest impacts we have on the world around us are through our client work. Booz Allen has a long history of providing innovative environmental, energy, and sustainability solutions to our clients.  We help with programs related to climate change, natural and cultural resource management, energy efficiency, and more. Read the example to learn more about what we do.


We're dedicated to tracking and measuring our environmental impact and have documented our progress and accomplishments in our greenhouse gas emissions reporting:  

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