How Intelligence Leaders Can Speed Decision Advantage

Speed Is Critical—So Our Technologies Are Modular

We help the IC leverage the rapid pace of technological change to automate processes, employ analytic algorithms, and extract insights that will help U.S. leaders make rapid, informed decisions. Built on modular, open architectures, our solutions easily incorporate continual upgrades while providing the interoperability, security, and mobility needed to address today’s challenges and preempt tomorrow’s threats.

We focus on emerging technologies that can be applied now, empowering stakeholders with forward-looking capabilities that serve across the enterprise, from senior-most leaders to analysts at the edge. Applying a preemptive mindset, we integrate automated, intelligent cybersecurity into every solution, while offering defensive cyber operations to protect the connected ecosystem from continually evolving attacks. To learn more about how we help national security clients transform, explore the areas below.

Technical Modernization

Equipping analysts with tools and training enables them to turn data into actionable intelligence—with innovations in AI, 5G, and edge computing.

Intel-to-Ops Fusion

Fusing multi-intelligence data from sources as varied as satellite imagery and signals intelligence empowers U.S. leaders to out-think the adversary.

Cross-Domain Integration

Knowing what adversaries are doing is helpful; predicting their next move is a game-changer. See how to connect discoveries across the IC.

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