Product Abuse Framework: A Data-Driven Approach

Product Abuse Framework: A Data-Driven Approach

Recommendations to help organizations methodically counter the abuse of their internet-facing products

These recommendations provide data-driven approaches to enable key stakeholders and leadership with the details to make informed decisions about risk. The decision to implement a control or make major architectural changes without the data is difficult to justify to other stakeholders for financial and technological support.

The CISO organization should be a catalyst to call for the alignment of stakeholders, controls, and data sources to prevent unauthorized or unintended access to an organization’s data/records. This initiative should be performed in collaboration with the chief risk officer, and backed by the chief financial officer, to scope the risks, identify measurable impacts, and stress the importance of mitigating to support the business’ strategic objectives. Organizations should also consider involving the business intelligence function in the development of better metrics that take fraud prevention and abuse of products into account to inform cyber and risk management investments. These metrics will impact the ability of organizations to adopt data-driven cybersecurity approaches that advance business objectives.

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