Accelerate Autonomy at XPONENTIAL 2024

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Date of Event

April 22–25, 2024

Event location

San Diego Convention Center

111 Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92101

Booth 2737


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Innovating for Mission Transformation

Join us at booth 2737 to discover how Booz Allen is leading the charge in mission-centric autonomy:

Booz Allen’s Big Horn AI Kit™

Build, update, deploy, and redeploy AI to sensors at the tactical edge in disconnected environments with this portable kit combining user-friendly software and ruggedized hardware—accelerating intelligence gathering for pattern of life analysis, terrain assessments, and other reconnaissance and surveillance activities.



Experience sensor-agnostic technology that delivers tactical AI and machine learning insights for resilient intelligence in diverse operational scenarios. Using electromagnetic sensors and cameras on an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), it renders a detailed 3D map with target recognition, transmitted to a warfighter-worn device without the need for cloud or internet access.


Hardening Autonomous Systems

Explore system-hardening engineering methods for resilient autonomy against adversarial attacks, demonstrated on a UAS. The solution brings the benefits of our holistic approach to resilience, integrating cutting-edge technology with threat intelligence and autonomous behaviors for optimal performance even in the most contested environments.

Intuitive AI-Enabled Teaming

Discover AI-enabled intuitive human-machine teaming at the edge—built using robust engineering and assurance practices to ensure seamless and safe interactions with robotic assets.

Embarking on a Transformation Journey

Booz Allen's commitment to mission transformation is driven by a dedication to integrate resilience into the fabric of autonomy, ensuring our solutions are fortified by comprehensive engineering and security practices. The future of defense requires more than just technological innovation—it demands a holistic approach that empowers humans to operate more effectively and safely. By converging foundational technologies with strategic needs, we're paving the way for a new era where autonomous systems enhance mission success and safeguard the nation's warfighters.

Join Us in Redefining the Future of Defense

We invite you to join us at booth 2737 to witness Booz Allen's transformative impact on defense autonomy. Together, let's explore the boundless possibilities of resilient autonomy and its potential to revolutionize missions, equipping the nation's defense forces to navigate the complexities of tomorrow's battlespace. With Booz Allen, the future of defense is not just autonomous. It's transformative, resilient, and built on a foundation of excellence in engineering and security.

We integrate. You accelerate.

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