Advanced DevSecOps for Critical Missions

What Makes True DevSecOps Different

DevSecOps helps your organization quickly turn new technology ideas into capabilities that directly support the mission. It’s a seamless, highly automated way to bring applications development and IT operations together while embedding powerful security protections right from the start. 

But not all of today’s DevSecOps frameworks create the same advantages. True DevSecOps goes well beyond ordinary Agile practices to elevate quality, reduce infrastructure risk and downtime, and maximize your speed and flexibility in responding to mission needs. Discover the differences in our infographic.

Security -Run scans before deployment to address high-priority findings only -Deployed code therefore contains faults to be fixed “when there’s time”
Less risk, faster delivery at less cost - Automated security tools scan code, finding and correcting issues before deployment -Deployment systems are scanned daily (IaC process) -Daily build includes continuous monitoring
Bugs accidentally deployed need manual resolution -Task goes on the to-do list or takes time from that day’s development schedule
Fast fixes speed progress, lower risk - Code is strictly version-controlled  -Issues are rapidly identified down to “commit” stage -Capability can be instantly rolled back to previous healthy state for double protection
System goes down for routine deployments -Hours of downtime creates frustration and delays
Deployment Downtime
Safer deployments, little or no downtime - Advanced release strategies (traffic splitting, blue-green and canary deployments) accelerates process
Pipeline tool chain is automated only for deployment -Developers need to do manual integrations for each application or service -Separate processes slow development
Single-click processes accelerate delivery - Enhanced tool chain (scripts, plug-ins, glue code) ensures fully automated, end-to-end integration -Single-click build and deployment processes used
Capability releases go to operations quickly, but deployment is held up for security approval -Manual approval takes time and is open to error
Ops Accreditation
On-demand ops save time, lowers risk - Security compliance and checks are integrated in automated pipeline for rapid capability deployments -Ensures compliance, eliminates manual security approvals

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