Cyber Fusion: Cybersecurity Solutions in Action

Cyber Fusion

The Outcome

While it typically takes organizations of their size 4 to 6 years to achieve full maturity with an enterprise cyber threat program, our client will achieve desired operational maturity within 24 months. Within 6 months, the client had 300% more visibility of threat data than ever before, enabling them to identify prior undetected threats within their business systems.

The Situation
Cyber Fusion Situation
A multibillion-dollar energy firm wanted to transition its security posture from being managed security service provider (MSSP) dependent to having an autonomous, internally owned security program. In partnership with Booz Allen, they began the journey to create an industry-leading cyber fusion center combining cutting-edge analytics, intelligence, and processes to provide proactive detection and prevention of critical threats in their environments.
Cyber Fusion Situation
The Approach
Cyber Fusion Approach
Working closely with the executive and security teams, we designed a tailored framework for assessing risk, which allowed the client to prioritize aspects of the security program uplift against their business objectives. This ensured a continuous improvement approach, avoiding impacts to essential business operations.
Cyber Fusion Approach

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