Booz Allen and SnapAttack

“SnapAttack is deepening collaboration among ethical hackers, threat hunters, and security researchers—providing advanced insights to stop attackers in their tracks.”

Stay Ahead of the Threat

SnapAttack’s platform helps security operations center (SOC) and incident response (IR) teams remove barriers to scaling and optimizing their security programs, such as disconnected tools, inefficient processes, and unskilled teams. Here are three ways this solution could strengthen your organization’s security: 

Security Engineering Support

Empower hunters to root out hackers hiding in the system.

  • Threat Hunting – Spend less time researching, writing, and validating detections. Streamline the hunt.
  • Red Teaming – Put your SOC/IR to the test by evaluating your processes and technology against realistic, real-time threats and actors. Clearly and confidently measure mean time to detection (MTTD) and response (MTTR).
  • Continuous Purple Teaming – Replicate threats and test defenses in a collaborative, unified workflow between offensive and defensive engineers.

Deployment + Integration

Manage the full analytic lifecycle from ideation to deployment.

  • Request for Information as a Service – Create actionable threat intelligence, attack simulation, or detections in response to specific threats or threat actors.
  • Detection Engineering – Write, test, validate, and deploy high-confidence, low-noise detections in your environment—all from one central platform. Reduce false positives and enhance your confidence.
  • Threat Intelligence – Analyze tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) and indicators of compromise (IOC) with our built-in threat intelligence and attack session library so you can mobilize earlier in the kill chain. 

Data-Driven Confidence

Cut through the noise—find clarity and context with the right data.

  • Event Quality Assessment (Dye Test) – Thoroughly analyze log sources and data to pinpoint exactly where your gaps lie. Then, get the guidance you need to fill them.
  • Controls Validation Assessment – Test detections and security controls in a safe, sandboxed replica of your own environment. Ensure controls will respond appropriately when the real threat comes along.

“SnapAttack has been a key tool for establishing and maturing threat hunt and purple teaming processes in our organization. The platform provides unparalleled ease of use in a single web interface, enabling operators to work quickly, without the headaches that come with custom/in-house solutions.”

How It Works

As new threats emerge, SnapAttack helps organizations protect themselves with confidence, while bringing efficiency that scales. You’ll be able to measure your coverage using MITRE’s ATT&CK framework.

SnapAttack helps you answer the question “Are we protected?” With the right threat intelligence, you’ll be able to research new threats, validate your coverage, and write and deploy detections to your existing tools with confidence.

Smarter Threat Detection

Beyond looking at IOCs, SnapAttack’s platform focuses on adversarial behavior to provide more robust detection capabilities.

The Pyramid of Pain, created by cybersecurity expert David Bianco, shows the difficulty level for detecting various indicators of compromise (IOC) and how much pain it would cause attackers if you discovered and addressed them. SnapAttack focuses on high-value behavioral detections, such as TTPs, tools, and network/host artifacts, whereas others focus on low-value IOCs, like domain names, IP addresses, and hash values.

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