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Booz Allen i2S2

Accelerate space situational awareness (SSA) with Booz Allen i2S2, Booz Allen’s SDA-STM solution. It uses AI and machine learning (ML) to continually fuse space data and evaluate threats. Operators receive low-latency, high-fidelity alerts—giving them time to choose from a wide range of courses of action for safety, avoidance, deterrence, and defense.

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Protecting and understanding the space domain is critical for our national security and economic prosperity. That's why Booz Allen developed i2S2 a groundbreaking cloud agnostic AI and machine learning solution that accelerates space domain awareness and space traffic management. i2S2 continuously ingests space data from public and private sources, performing conjunction screening, launch detection, space weather alerts and more to determine probabilities of collisions, orbit modification, adversarial maneuvers, and intent i2S2 uses high fidelity propagation and atmospheric drag models to provide current and future satellite positions with anomaly analysis powered by linked large language models. Stakeholders receive timely, high fidelity alerts, providing a range of courses of action for safety, avoidance, deterrence and defense to streamline the decision making process. Booz Allen's i2S2 Interactive AI to help you accelerate your space missions. 

Human-Machine Teaming

We apply a human-centered engineering approach connecting mission behaviors with autonomous actions protected by advanced cybersecurity to deliver trusted robotic teammates. Our solutions drive the capabilities of autonomous robotics teams forward with a hardware-agnostic approach that integrates leading industry resources, tailored to client needs and mission requirements.  Sign up for a demo to learn more about our robot dog, Ghost!

Virtual Space Ground Systems

Modernize your space ground systems with virtualization and cybersecurity built in from the ground up. We migrate typical on-premise solutions and mission services to a cloud-based environment that supports resiliency and redundancy in a plug-and-play architecture, all while using stringent DevSecOps best practices.

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