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Empowering the "First to Fight" TomorrowToday

Discover our cutting-edge technologies demonstrated at Modern Day Marine 2024, each showcasing our commitment to empowering Marines at the edge:


Learn more about the future of battlefield awareness with EdgeAware™. This solution transforms unmanned system video data into a vivid 3D terrain map with target information, leveraging Galvion’s Integrated Helmet System with Rear Compute Module. Gain unparalleled insights with advanced tracking and make informed decisions without needing access to the cloud. 

DarkLabs Detect™

Discover the future of cybersecurity with our advanced detection system. DarkLabs Detect uses AI and machine learning (ML) to swiftly identify and counteract the most sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and security of military operations against all adversaries.

Wearable Tactical Combat Casualty Suite

Learn more about our scalable platform integrating commercial off-the-shelf sensors with voice, text, and video inputs to enhance casualty care. The suite features our Combat Linkwear modules for data fusion and processing and tactical edge ML capabilities for optimization.

Charting the Course for Marine Excellence

At Booz Allen, our commitment to innovation is driven by our dedication to the mission. As showcased with our latest edge solutions infused with cyber resilience at Modern Day Marine 2024, we are proud to contribute to the evolution of the Marine Corps, equipping warfighters with the tools they need to succeed in distributed environments. Our journey with the Marine Corps is a testament to our shared values of honor, courage, and commitment, and we are honored to support the Marines in their mission to defend the nation.

Shaping the Future of the Marine Corps

Learn firsthand how Booz Allen is working with the Marine Corps to revolutionize critical capabilities with edge innovations and cyber resilience. Together, let's discover the advancements that are setting the stage for a more capable and resilient Marine Corps. Booz Allen is not just a partner in this journey; we are a driving force behind the advancements that are propelling the Marine Corps toward greater agility and adaptability in an ever-changing world.

We innovate. You accelerate.

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