How Service Members Can Upskill Into Cybersecurity

What We Look for When Hiring

Your career path starts with obtaining industry-leading certifications. The most common certifications we look for when hiring for cybersecurity jobs are:

Another certification that can really set you apart is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) qualification.

Due to the critical nature of the work we support, the ability to obtain or keep a security clearance is often an additional requirement for many of our cybersecurity positions.

Our Proven Training Partners

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of proven training partners that provide quality cybersecurity training to service members and veterans—many at no cost to you. These providers can help you obtain the coveted certifications listed above. Browse the list below to find a training provider that can equip you with the skills you’ll need to build on your military experience and start your cybersecurity career.

Trusted Training Provider

Top Certifications Gained

How to Sign Up

Key Notes for Service Members Preparing to Leave the Military

Onward to Opportunity Information Security Courses

CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+), Information Systems Security Certified Professional (CISSP)

Start the application process.

Complete this self-paced, no-cost career skills program facilitated through Syracuse University. Be sure to review prerequisites and select the courses for the most in-demand cyber skills we look for (see above).

Booz Allen Tech Excellence Cyber Core Program

CompTIA Security+

Learn more at Booz Allen Careers

Get recruited into this in-house training program; tell your Booz Allen recruiter you’re interested in participating.

VetsinTech Security+ Bootcamp

CompTIA Security+

Learn more at VetsInTech Academy

This free, 5-day boot camp will prepare you to obtain your CompTIA Security+ certification.

SkillBridge Program

Having hands-on cybersecurity experience is an invaluable. We encourage service members to consider participating in a DOD SkillBridge program prior to their date of separation. While there are hundreds of DOD SkillBridge organizations, we currently partner with two that match service members to employers that offer fellowships: Hiring Our Heroes and Hire Vets Now. Apply directly to one of those programs to be placed with an employer.

Fellowships build valuable professional connections and can help you continue to upskill. At Booz Allen, we’ve created a cybersecurity training track in Udemy to help our fellows gain a basic understanding of cyber and network security.

Recommended SkillBridge Partner

How to Participate

Key Notes for Service Members Preparing to Leave the Military

Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship Program

Apply at Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes has three cohort opportunities per year.

Hire Vets Now Fellowship Program

Apply at HireVets Now


Hire Vets Now offers fellowship opportunities on a rolling basis.

Meet Two Veterans Who Upskilled into Cybersecurity Roles

Zak Biek, Information Security Risk Specialist

A former signals intelligence analyst in the Marine Corps, Zak built upon the IT skills he gained in the military by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in cyber. He then interned with a cloud service provider and earned an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification—experience that led to a role with Booz Allen. Zak has continued to upskill by obtaining his Security+ certification.

“Keep your clearance—it will make you eligible for a lot of opportunities that may come your way.”

Zak’s Path

IT knowledge from the military + degree in cybersecurity + AWS Cloud Practitioner certification + Security+ certification

Jeffrey Kinzer, Cyber Warfare Engineer

In the Marine Corps, Jeffrey was responsible for sharing tactical radar pictures with pilots through secure, classified internet-like connections. This experience sparked an interest in cybersecurity, which he pursued through YouTube videos and courses on Degreed before earning a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. He then interned with an information technology auditor and obtained his Security+ certification. This combination of education and experience led him to Booz Allen, where he’s growing his skill base with a CISSP and CEH certificate.

“Keep your clearance active, use your GI bill, and get the CompTIA Security+ certificate.”

Jeffrey’s Path

IT knowledge from the military + YouTube and Degreed self-study + cybersecurity degree + Security+ certification + CISSP certification + CEH certification

Chart your own path to a purposeful and future-focused career in cybersecurity.