Finding Lauaki: How Booz Allen Invests in Local Talent

Hawaii landscape

Meaningful work from islands rich in community

Booz Allen’s connection to military clients like the Department of Defense means the firm maintains a natural presence in Hawaii. And with work that ranges from mission readiness to data science, threat reduction, engineering, and digital, Booz Allen relies on the expertise of our Hawaii team to inspire change.

While many consulting firms rely on remote or mainland workforces, Booz Allen is committed to creating opportunities for people who live in—and who are originally from—Hawaii. The firm’s broad range of work provides a unique opportunity to employ talented locals and help diversify the economy.

Ed Barnabas, a leader of Booz Allen’s Indo-Pacific region, notes that Hawaii is focused on technology adaptation and tech-enabling its workforce, and that Booz Allen has been an enabler of this vision for years. “How we support our community is as important as the mission we support for our defense partners,” Ed says. “From our efforts with FIRST Robotics and our Summer Games internship program to partnering with the Chamber of Commerce and mentoring students at the University of Hawaii College of Engineering, we believe investing in STEM efforts and connecting future technologists to careers in defense can happen in many facets and with all ages.”

What else makes the firm unique in a place filled with government and consulting influences? We spoke with a few of our team members who were born and raised in Hawaii to find out.


At Booz Allen Hawaii, it starts with respect: respect for culture, respect for community, and respect for learning. In a place so steeped in tradition, Booz Allen works to cultivate programs that help create the brightest minds—so that we can continue to empower change together, both on the islands and across the country. 

Ready to advance your career? Say aloha to Booz Allen.

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