Aloha from Hawaii

4. The Charity Work

“The staff here is more giving than any place I’ve seen,” Dennis says. “In Hawaii, your credentials are the way you get involved in community activities.” Firm staff are out there in their “board shorts and tank tops” working the Wounded Warriors Canoe Regatta, helping protect and restore traditional Hawaiian fishing spots and working with Habitat for Humanity, among many, many other things. “It’s not a government city,” Dennis says. “Here it’s around, how are you connected to the community. It’s about family and community first and then what you do. You have to make a personal commitment. That gives our office credibility.”

5. The Dress Code

When the firm went casual—relaxing the dress code of business suits associated with our brand for many years—Hawaii was already way ahead of the game. As you might guess, standard duds for Honolulu staff include “Aloha shirts” and slacks. “How we look at our appearance is how we are as consultants,” says Lead Associate Jon Paul Akeo of Honolulu. “We take our work very seriously,” but the informality of dress “helps us become more closely knit, it effervesces into the casualness in how we connect.  That’s the office atmosphere here.”

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