Addressing Privacy Concerns in High-Tech Smart Cities

Digital rendering of a city with smart technology icons above each building.

Smart City Technologies Come with Benefits and Risks

Prudent city governments are responding to these concerns by being transparent about the data they create or collect through smart city systems and devices. Leaders of aspiring smart cities should follow suit by giving citizens the opportunity to understand and weigh in on what data the cities intend to collect, how they intend to use it, and who they intend to share it with. Such efforts are necessary to ensure that citizens retain control over their information.

“While smart city technologies offer great potential for doing good, cities should ensure that foundational technologies are in place to provide individuals adequate privacy guardrails.”

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In Privacy Concerns in Smart Cities, you'll learn how and why:

  • Cities and municipalities must educate citizens on smart technology and address privacy concerns
  • Citizen education is critical to both consent and transparency
  • Smart cities strive to reduce risks by ensuring privacy considerations are baked in from the beginning