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Unlocking Critical Patient Data in Emergency Care

The Solution

With MI2 expertise—and a decade’s worth of patient data—Booz Allen data scientists were able to unlock a solution in an area of great need. Their partnership resulted in a MedStar pilot program for Dictation Lens technology.

Emergency clinicians at MedStar Health are using Dictation Lens and creating even more opportunities in the health space for Booz Allen’s data scientists, who are now further equipped to continue innovating. 

The Future

Dictation Lens is only “the beginning of a suite of tools that become part of the medical care team,” says Sohn. “These tools can meet problems from the front lines and from clinicians themselves.”

In the health analytics space, Booz Allen and MedStar have innovated by marrying subject matter expertise with unparalleled data science skills. In doing so, they’ve brought unique analytics and technology solutions to emergency care that is enabling physicians to make quicker, more accurate diagnoses when seconds count. 

Experts in the Field